Lincolnshire Police are getting 50 Covid breach calls a day

Lincolnshire’s Police Chief Constable says lockdown rule enforcement and relaxing Covid restrictions are the main challenges the force has at the moment, especially with a high demand for holidaying in the summer in coastal areas.

Chief Constable Chris Haward says the force is getting up to 50 calls a day about Covid breaches. EMN-210415-114830001
Chief Constable Chris Haward says the force is getting up to 50 calls a day about Covid breaches. EMN-210415-114830001

This comes as between 45 and 50 coronavirus breaches are reported each day to Lincolnshire Police.

Chris Haward became the new Chief Constable for Lincolnshire on December 19, 2020, moving his role as East Midlands Deputy Chief Constable, and replacing Bill Skelly who retired.

CC Haward said: “We’re now planning for June 21 [when further restrictions are lifted], and what that might mean to our resources and our resilience.

“We know for the east coast it’s mainly going to be people holidaying in the UK this year, and probably for next year as well, that the demand for holiday homes and caravans across the east coast is huge.

“We’re expecting a real rise in the population through the summer months. So that’s definitely a challenge for us.”

He added: “When we first started COVID enforcement, we were getting between 12 and 15 calls per day about COVID breaches, we are now averaging over 45 to 50 per day. So that’s definitely a big demand on us as we come into the summer months.

“It will be about antisocial behaviour and public order and rowdiness, particularly in our coastal towns.”

Lincolnshire Police handed out eight fines after three house parties in the Ermine area of Lincoln, on the same evening COVID lockdown restrictions eased for outdoor hospitality and non-essential retail shops reopened.

CC Haward said: “I urge people to abide by the roadmap that the government have set out. If we if we take our time, and we do it properly, then we’re more likely to come out of lockdown, and will be able to remain out of lockdown.

“We’ve come this far and for the sake of another two months, let’s just hold on to the discipline that we’ve had.”

He reflects fondly on his first 100 days in the role: “It’s been fantastic. Because of the time that I’ve joined with leading up to March and the new financial year, all the planning has given me an opportunity to go out and meet a good proportion of my officers and get out to some of the stations.”

Lincolnshire Police issued 367 COVID-19 enforcement fines, including those under local lockdowns, between March and December last year.

Eight fines were for breaches of face coverings regulations and another eight for international travel regulations.