Lincolnshire Police chiefs 'saddened' by racist and abusive backlash to video on British Muslims

Lincolnshire Police chiefs are 'saddened' by some of the racist and abusive comments in a backlash against a video the force has produced promoting harmony and better understanding of British Muslims.
Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor. EMN-171020-114753001Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor. EMN-171020-114753001
Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor. EMN-171020-114753001

The 12-minute video was produced as one strand of Lincolnshire Police’s promotion of National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

But hundreds of responses on the force’s social media accounts have questioned why money was spent on the film, calling it “propoganda” and accusing the police of telling people what to think.

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Some other posts also questioned why they were making a film about just one faith.

But Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West commented via Twitter: “Saddened by comments. Standing up for what’s right, confronting injustice and promoting cohesion is part of our role too @stophateuk #NHCAW.”

Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor added: “Sad to see some of the comments. We are committed to fairness for all and reducing @stophateuk crime. This is one of many strands. #NHCAW.”

DCC Naylor told The Standard later: “I am really disappointed in some of these comments. I am very committed to reducing hate crime and what we aimed to do, during hate crime awareness week, is to show a different side to Islam and tackle misconceptions and myths.

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“A person who is Muslim can also be a British Citizen, entitled to the same respect and protection of the law as everyone else. Our job is to engage with communities and this video is a method of overcoming barriers to getting information across.”

* Read more about the video and view it here.