Lincolnshire Police to join in week highlighting sexual violence

Lincolnshire Police is set to use the coming week to shine a spotlight on sexual abuse and violence.

Lincolnshire Police are backing a national campaign against sexual abuse and violence. EMN-210129-175826001

A national campaign runs from February 1-7 and aims to highlight the devastating effects of sexual abuse and violence and raise awareness of how you can get help.

Detective Superintendent Martyn Parker, Head of Protecting Vulnerable People said: “The campaign is a national drive to bring the issue of sexual violence and abuse into the open. This is perhaps more important now than ever as lockdown inevitably isolates people and may make it harder for them to access support.

“It may be they are trapped in their home with their abuser. We will reiterate the message that if you are at risk of harm, the restrictions do not apply. We want people to know support services are up and running throughout lockdown and your police service is here for you 24/7.

“This week we will be asking people to trust us and report their experience so our dedicated and specially trained officers can help. We understand not everyone will want to come to us so we will also be highlighting the support offered by our partners which is available whether or not you want to come to us.

“This week is an opportunity to repeat some of our previous campaigning to help educate and inform people. We will be focusing on consent, which should be freely and enthusiastically given rather than assumed, coerced or bullied out of your partner. We will warn of the consequences of viewing or distributing indecent images of children and the impact this crime has on the victims. We will also be highlighting the signs of child sexual exploitation and encourage everyone to help us keep our children safe by reporting any concerns.”

If you need help, or more information, please visit their section on sexual assault.