Lincolnshire schools play key role in preventing domestic abuse

As part of the national '˜16 days of action' campaign, organisations in Lincolnshire are highlighting the impact that domestic abuse has on children and young people.

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About 1,400 children are living in households with high risk domestic abuse in Lincolnshire, and nationally, one in five young people have been in an abusive relationship themselves.

Because schools play a key role in both preventing and detecting domestic abuse, the county council is raising awareness of what can be done in educational settings in Lincolnshire.

Sara Barry, Safer Communities Manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The impact of domestic abuse on children and young people can be huge and long-lasting.

“If we want to prevent abuse in relationships, it’s vital that we educate children and young people about healthy, respectful relationships, and give the staff the resources to be able to support both children and their parents.

“There is a major overlap between direct harm to children and domestic abuse.

“Nationally, 62% of children exposed to domestic abuse are also directly harmed.

“What is also really heart-breaking is that 52% of children thought they were to blame for the abuse.”

Angie Waplington, headteacher at Hemswell Cliff Primary School, who are holding a special week of ‘Expect Respect’ lessons in school, said: “It’s so important when children are surrounded by many conflicting messages - through TV, the internet, computer games and within communities - that we play our part in promoting positive, respectful relationships.

“The ‘Expect Respect’ resources are tailored for each year of school and offer opportunities for age-appropriate discussions with our children.

“We take our responsibility for the wellbeing of children very seriously - not just so they have a happy childhood, but so they go on to have successful relationships throughout their lives.”

Free resources for schools and educational settings of all ages are available from the Stay Safe Partnership website

Domestic abuse training for schools and educational settings of all ages is available from the training page of the LSCB website

More information about support services for people experiencing domestic abuse in Lincolnshire can be found at