Lincs Police introduce 'five step rule'

As the summer approaches, Lincolnshire Police will receive even more calls than normal and have released advice on the best ways for residents to receive help.
Lincolnshire Police's Five Step Rule.Lincolnshire Police's Five Step Rule.
Lincolnshire Police's Five Step Rule.

The force currently answer between 850 and 1,000 calls a day in their Force Control Room, and are anticipating even more calls to their emergency 999 line and the 101 number.

With this in mind, Lincolnshire Police are asking for people to consider the best option to contact the force and have created “The Five Step Rule”:

Please consider the following:

Firstly, 1. Is it a police issue or is another service best suited to help?

2. Is the information already on our website? Check on line at

3. Has a crime already happened, report it on-line at reporting & advice

4. Call 101 if you want to report a non-emergency or speak to someone specific

5. Call 999 if it is an emergency, if a crime is happening right now or life or property are at risk

Superintendent Deb Clark, Head of the Force Control Room, said: “Due to Summer and rising demand we know our callers may have to wait longer than usual to speak to us on the 101 system. We have introduced a system which will tell callers how long the wait time is and the position they are in a queue. Please be patient and we will answer as soon as we can.

"Please make sure you need to call us and play your part in reducing unnecessary demand so we can answer the calls for service as fast we can and always consider “The Five Step Rule” and alternative options available.

"If there is a genuine emergency and a crime is happening or life or property is at risk then call 999."