Louth town councillor sentenced for ‘abusive behaviour’ outside his child’s school

A Louth town councillor shouted and swore outside his child’s school while parents were dropping off their children, a court has heard.

Court news

Alexander Cox, 33, of Amanda Drive, admitted using threatening and abusive words and behaviour when he appeared before magistrates in Boston on Wednesday (August 25).

Prosecuting, Daniel Pietryka said Cox was banned from school premises at Lacey Gardens but on June 24, he was outside the school as parents dropped their children off and was behaving erratically and was shouting and swearing.

He said police were called and he shouted at them to arrest him, called an officer a ‘paedophile’ and swore at a teacher.

Mr Pietryka said Cox had been spoken to by staff before this day about his behaviour outside the school.

Cox, who was not represented, told the magistrates that he ‘terribly regretted’ raising his voice in front of children and parents, including his own child, who had seen him being arrested.

He told the court that he believed his child and others had been subjected to excessive force by a member of the staff and that he had been banned from school premises after he reported that to the police.

He said that on this day he had been protesting about the school calling the police because his son had damaged a ruler, but he knew that his ‘behaviour was wrong’.

He told the magistrates that he had suffered from a medical condition since he was teenager and was on medication.

“I did overreact on this occasion as I was irate,” he said “and I have referred myself for counselling to manage my emotions better.

“I feel positive this will never happen again,” he added.

Cox was fined £80 and ordered to pay £119 in court costs and charges.