Man denies murdering Boston mum

The man accused of murdering Boston mum Ilona Golabek has told a jury he did not know who killed her.
Lincoln Crown CourtLincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

Kamil Ranoszek, 42, denies murdering his long term partner, Miss Golabek, 27, at their Wormgate flat last November.

Ranoszek went into the witness box in the third week of his murder trial at Lincoln Crown Court.

His barrister, Andrew Campbell Tiech, read out a series of messages exchanged between Ranoszek and Miss Golabek on November 4.

In one of the messages Ranoszek accused Miss Golabek of coming home at noon drunk.

When Mr Campbell Tiech asked Ranoszek where Miss Golabek had been, he replied "Probably at her friends."

Mr Campbell Tiech then read out a series of messages in which Miss Golabek told Ranoszek: "I don't want to be with you anymore," and, "I do not believe in us anymore."

The jury heard Ranoszek replied by telling Miss Golabek: "You are destroying everything we have built over the years."

Ranoszek then advised Miss Golabek to rest, adding that, "tomorrow you look at it from a different angle."

Mr Campbell Tiech then asked Ranoszek if Miss Golabek had ever previously told him that she did not want to be with him.

Ranoszek replied: "It might have happened once."

The jury heard Miss Golabek was in contact with a local man on November 5.

Ranoszek said he did not know about the contact.

The prosecution allege Ranoszek "lost it" on the night of November 9 after coming back from a friend's birthday and in a frenzy battered Miss Golabek repeatedly to the head.

Mr Campbell Tiech asked Ranoszek: "Did this happen?", to which he replied "No".

Ranoszek said Ilona was sat on the sofa holding her phone when he came home from his friends.

He explained to her that he was tired because of work and wanted to go bed, the jury heard.

Ranoszek told the jury Ilona had once mentioned two or three weeks earlier that she had an account on the dating application Tinder and intended to meet people.

But Ranoszek said that he wasn't aware of what kind of application Tinder was, and only had it explained to him during interviews after Ilona's disappearance.

Ranoszek was then asked by Mr Campbell Tiech if he was a jealous man.

He replied: "I would say jealous, but in the positive meaning of the word."

Ranoszek insisted he never left the couple's daughter alone in the days following Ilona's disappearance, and co-operated with the police.

The trial continues.