Man escapes jail week after breaching suspended sentence

A Spilsby man who breached a suspended prison sentence just a week after it was imposed, has escaped being sent to prison.

Boston Magistrates' Court

Cory Evans, 23, of West End admitted two offences of shoplifting from Boston's B&M store on successive days in June, when he appeared a Boston Magistrates Court.

The court heard that he had been given a suspended four months prison sentence on June 16 for sending malicious communications and had committed the new offences on June 24 and 25 when he had stolen electric toothbrushes, lights and powerbanks from B&M, which he had hidden in a child's pushchair.

He told police he was short of money and had intended to sell them.

Philippa Chatterton, in mitigation, said he had been put on a suspended prison sentence on totally unrelated offences and had stolen these items out of sheer desperation for money to pay a deposit on a new flat after he was forced to move.

He was fined £120 and ordered to pay compensation of £63 and court costs and charges totalling £119.

Two months were added to the period of his suspended prison sentence.