Man found with knives in Boston is to be held in hospital for treatment

A man who threatened his brother, threw a planter through his mother’s window and was found in possession of knives on both occasions, has been given a hospital order by Boston magistrates.

Court news

Lee Wright, 35, of Queen Street, had admitted possessing a knife on August 22 last year when he shouted threats at his brother in Witham Bank East, and again on July 7 this year when he threw a planter through his mother’s window in Boston.

The magistrates heard that two doctors had recommended Wright be made subject to a hospital order for treatment as an in-patient for his schizophrenia, but were told Wright himself objected to the order being made.

Magistrates said they had little alternative but to follow the recommendations of doctors and imposed a hospital order, which means Wright will be held in hospital until his treatment is completed.