Man jailed for helping to plan Boston killing following one of the longest murder investigations in Lincolnshire

A man has been jailed today (Friday) for helping to plan the murder of a Boston resident whose body was disposed of in a local waterway.
Kamil Zydek.Kamil Zydek.
Kamil Zydek.

Kamil Zydek, of no fixed address, has been jailed for 13 years and 11 months.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “Zydek had fled the UK once a murder investigation was launched in January 2020. It followed the discovery of a body in the pumping station, Chainbridge Road, which prompted a huge response involving numerous forensic teams, specialists and detectives.

"It was one of the largest murder investigations in Lincolnshire for several years, spanning 16 months.

The victim - Marcin Stolarek. Main image: Police search teams at the site where Mr Stolarek's body was located.The victim - Marcin Stolarek. Main image: Police search teams at the site where Mr Stolarek's body was located.
The victim - Marcin Stolarek. Main image: Police search teams at the site where Mr Stolarek's body was located.

“The victim, 41-year-old Marcin Stolarek, is believed to have been assaulted and tied up at a house in Boston before being thrown in the waterway, in November 2019.

“Two men had already been convicted for murder, following earlier court hearings in 2021. The motive for the killings has never been fully established.

“Zydek never disputed that he was with Ferenc and Kaminski on the night of the murder, but denied his involvement in the killing.

“He was stopped by police in the Netherlands in March last year before being extradited. He was then arrested in the UK on suspicion of murder and perverting the course of justice, in May. He had originally denied both charges.

“Zydek, 34, was originally charged with murder but later accepted a guilty plea to manslaughter. He had been found guilty by a unanimous jury in trial last year of perverting the course of justice - after pleading not guilty.”

Detective Superintendent Karl Whiffen, who led the investigation, said: “Two men had already been held accountable for the murder of Marcin Stolarek, but we knew that there was an outstanding suspect: Kamil Zydek.

“While intelligence told us that he had fled to Europe, we never gave up the search to find him, and more than two years after Marcin’s tragic death, Zydek was apprehended by our Dutch colleagues.

“He was involved in the planning, organising, and disposal of the body. He also remained in contact with Ferenc who had previously been jailed for murder.

“He will now spend considerable time in prison.

“This has been an incredibly complex and difficult case to investigate from the start. Our goal throughout was to bring Marcin’s killers to justice and to provide answers for his family.”

In a victim impact statement read at court during the first trial, Marcin’s father said: “The murder of my son caused my heart to break in to a thousand pieces, which will never mend again.”

Another victim impact statement, from Marcin’s mother, read: “I do not know how to put into words my heart-breaking pain…It was he who was supposed to bury me, not I him, although I actually died with him.”

The police spokesperson concluded: “We would like to thank the public who came forward and assisted with our investigation, which helped bring this case to a close and bring some justice to the family.”

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