MURDER TRIAL: Boston woman was chopped up and left in park after using Tinder, a court was told

WARNING: The following report contains details that some readers may find distressing

Police on the scene at Witham Way Country Park in Boston back in March this year.
Police on the scene at Witham Way Country Park in Boston back in March this year.

A poultry worker bludgeoned his estranged partner to death and chopped up her body into 15 different pieces after she began contacting other men on Tinder, a murder trial was told.

The body parts of missing Ilona Golabek, 27, were cut up and dumped in a country park by her jealous ex-partner Kamil Ranoszek, it is alleged.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Ilona, who worked at the same Moy Park poultry plant as her partner, vanished from the ground floor flat they shared in Wormgate, Boston, with their three-year-old daughter.

The victim - Ilona Golabek.

In his opening speech Gordon Aspden KC, prosecuting, said Ilona was bludgeoned to death by her partner after she became fed up with their relationship and gave him two weeks to leave the property.

In the meantime she began contacting other men on Tinder, and made no secret of it, it is alleged.

Mr Aspden told the jury Ranoszek attacked Ilona in the sitting room and then made a determined effort to chop up and dispose of her remains.

"Some of the evidence we will hear over the next few weeks is by any any standards, and I mean any standards, ugly, graphic, explicit and upsetting," Mr Aspden warned the jury.

"This case is concerned with the murder of a young woman, but not just that, concerned with the concealment, dismemberment and disposal of her dead body."

Mr Aspden told the jury Ilona is Polish for Helen.

"She is now dead. At the time of her death she was 27. As a teenager she emigrated from Poland to seek work in the UK.

"While in the UK she met Kamil Ranoszek, a fellow Polish national, and they eventually settled in Boston, Lincolnshire."

The couple had a young daughter, but by November last year Ilona had become fed up with their relationship and gave Ranoszek two weeks to leave the flat, Mr Aspden claimed.

"She began using the Tinder dating application and made no secret of that.

"The defendant knew that she was in contact with other men."

Mr Aspden added: "The Crown's case is that on the night of Tuesday 9 November this defendant murdered Ilona Golabek in the sitting room at their flat.

"He beat her repeatedly about the head with a weapon, probably a hammer."

Mr Aspden said the attack took place while the couple's three-year-old daughter slept in her bedroom.

"This was a brutal, and bloody, and senseless killing. Ilona Golabek was literally bludgeoned to death."

In the aftermath Ranoszek made a determined effort to hide the killing, cleaning up blood from the sitting room and chopping up her body into 15 separate pieces, Mr Aspden alleged.

Mr Aspden said Ranoszek then cycled to Witham Way Country Park where he disposed of her body parts under the cover of darkness.

"Having done so he cycled home," Mr Aspden added.

The jury heard Ranoszek attended Boston police station with a friend on Thursday 11 November and reported that Ilona had vanished.

Mr Aspden alleged a missing person enquiry quickly became a murder investigation as "clear and compelling" evidence began to emerge of Ranoszek's guilt.

"As we shall see his efforts to get away with murder failed," Mr Aspden told the jury.

Mr Aspden said Ilona appeared to "have vanished into thin air," and made no contact with her family, her daughter's nursery or her employer.

She was last seen visiting a McDonald's on the afternoon of 9 November, and the following morning Ranoszek took their daughter to nursery, Mr Aspden told jury.

Police enquiries showed Ilona had used Tinder to contact a local man on the night of her disappearance.

"She had been messaging him that very night,"Mr Aspden added.

Ranoszek was to tell police that he returned home at around 11pm after drinking with a friend, Mr Aspden told the jury.

At 11.46pm the man who was in Tinder contact with Ilona sent her a message but received no reply.

Mr Aspden said Ilona's mobile phone was never used again.

Ranoszek, of Wormgate, Boston, denies murdering Ilona Golabek in November last year.

The trial continues on Monday.