North Ormsby man and Louth woman in court for assaults

A North Ormsby man has been sentenced to 16 weeks behind bars after he admitted committing actual bodily harm against another man.
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Mohsen Zandi, 30, of Church Lane, had previously pleaded not guilty to the charge - but changed his plea at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court last week (June 12).

The attack took place in Grimsby on July 3 last year.

Magistrates’ sentenced Zandi to imprisonment due to the serious nature of the injuries caused - including a head injury, and a broken nose that required surgery.

No compensation or costs were ordered by the court.

Meanwhile, Sally Leese, 45, of Newmarket, Louth, has been sentenced after pleading guilty to assaulting a man and causing criminal damage to his property.

On January 30, Leese assaulted the man and damaged a car, computer, living room window, furniture, and other household goods belonging to her victim.

She pleaded guilty to both offences at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court on June 12.

She was fined £253 for the assault and handed a 12 month restraining order, and she was ordered to pay a further £567 in compensation for the criminal damage.