Parents charged with death of baby killed by pet dog in woods near Woodhall Spa

The parents of a three-month-old baby girl who was killed by their pet dog have been charged with her death.

Ostlers Plantation near Woodhall spa, where the dog attack is said to have been reported.
Ostlers Plantation near Woodhall spa, where the dog attack is said to have been reported.

Karen Alcock, 41, of Castledyke Bank, New York, and Vince King, 54, of the same address have been charged with being in charge of a dog which was out of control causing injury resulting in death.

Officers were called to reports in March that the baby girl, Kyra King, had been seriously injured at Ostlers Plantation near Woodhall Spa at 11.13pm on March 6.

In a statement Lincolnshire Police have said: “Despite the best efforts of emergency services, she was sadly pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining injuries to the neck and head.

“The incident was reported to police by the East Midlands Ambulance Service. The parents were arrested at the scene.

“The dog which carried out the attack has been kept in isolation at secure kennels since the incident, and officers will now seek an order to euthanise it.”

An inquest opened in Lincoln in March heard a post mortem on Kyra revealed she had died from head and neck injuries

Lead investigator DC Craig Davey has commented: “This has been a profoundly sad investigation for everyone involved in understanding the circumstances around baby Kyra’s death.

"We have kept an open mind throughout this investigation, which has been lengthy and thorough and involved specialist forensic experts and officers from our Protecting Vulnerable People unit. We have now brought charges against two people, and will continue to work with the Crown Prosecution Service as the case makes its way through the justice system.”

The parents have now been summonsed to appear for an initial hearing at Boston Magistrates’ Court at 11am on Wednesday November 9.