Parking ticket misery for Hogsthorpe man whose car was cloned

An 81-year-old Hogsthorpe man who is at home  recovering from  major surgery said he was was fuming when a parking ticket landed  on his doormat.

Kenneth Thomas with the image of the vehicle with his cloned reg plate.

Kenneth Thomas received the ticket last Saturday morning, claiming he had parked a white Ford van in James Street, Bury, on January 11.

“I was at home having my breakfast then,” said Kenneth. “I was fuming - I have never been to the place. Plus I own a car not a van.”

Mr Thomas said he reported the ticket at Skegness Police Station and then appealed the £70 fine to Bury Council.

On Friday, he received confirmation from Bury Council that his car had been cloned, but wanted to warn people should be aware that this is happening.

"I really didn't need this upset as I'm recovering from major surgery," he said. "These tickets frighten the life out of you and there are some people who would pay them even if they shouldn't have been issued because they are worried about the fine increasing.

"It's cost me a fortune on telephone calls getting this sorted and trips to the police station when I should have been resting after my operation.

"Bury Council didn't even apologise."

"They picked the wrong person when they contacted me, though. It's easy to check if a car reg is correct with the DVLA - I can't understand why parking wardens don't check first when they issue a ticket."

The letter from Bury Council said they were 'pleased' to inform Mr Thomas that his car had been cloned and his 'representations had been accepted and the notice cancelled'.

According to Halfords, cloned number plates are being increasingly used by rogue drivers and criminals and means many motorists are at risk of being victims of fraud and car crime.

Often the first thing you'll know about it is when a parking ticket or speeding fine drops through the letter box, which could leave you facing prosecution or a ban because another driver stole your car's identity.

However, Lincolnshire Police said they believe the cloning of Mr Thomas' car reg was an isolated case. "We are not aware of a current spate of such incidents," said a spokesman.