Police appeal after suspicious behaviour and thefts near Horncastle

Police in Horncastle are appealing for information after two recent incidents in the Horncastle area.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “On Sunday, January 12, two young white males were seen in the yard of a private property in Tetford.

“One had dark hair and the other was described as having frizzy curly hair and one was carrying a tube with a handle on top.

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“Torchlight had alerted the property owner to suspicious behaviour.

“The two males were also seen walking around in the village in the pouring rain that same evening.

“Incident number 31 of January 12 refers.

“Then overnight on Wednesday, January 15/Thursday, January 16, garden equipment was stolen from an outbuilding in a location in Somersby including chainsaws, strimmers, hedge trimmer, a leafblower and a bicycle.

“A padlock was chiselled off to gain access. It is estimated that the crime took place between 10pm and 8.15am.

“Incident number 76 of January 16 refers.”

• If anyone has seen any suspicious behaviour relating to these offences, call 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.