Police arrest suspects armed with 12 inch kitchen knife in Sleaford

Police armed with a Taser were called to a report of a suspect carrying a 12 inch kitchen knife in Sleaford.
A police taser. EMN-171219-171548001A police taser. EMN-171219-171548001
A police taser. EMN-171219-171548001

Officers attended and two people were arrested without injuries.

The incident happened on Friday, according to Sleaford officer, Pc Jimmy Conway, who tweeted: “Taser officer attended and arrested suspect without harm to anyone. Although taser not deployed, a great de-escalater.”

Pc Conway said he was not equipped with a Taser but colleagues were explaining: “I’m on the list, just waiting for training date.”

Earlier this year Lincolnshire Police confirmed it would be training more officers to use tasers.

He added: “Hoping for this wider rollout soon. Especially in more rural isolated parts.

“I guess the courses are changing due to new devices, so trainers need to retrain in what to train.”

Sgt‏Rick Mosley responded: “Conversion courses are a priority. Soon, hopefully, more officers will have them. Safer for all!”

After queries about why an armed response team was not sent, Pc Conway said: “Don’t always have the time. We have a duty to protect life and a Taser, pepper and a baton against a knife is still better than just pepper and a baton.”

Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West‏ backed up Pc Conway’s comments, saying: “This is why Lincolnshire Police continue to provide Taser to at least one in two of our frontline officers across the county - to protect communities and colleagues.

“I have recently placed an order for an additional 200 Taser X2 devices #Safeguarding.

“Jimmy will be one of those 1 in 2.”