Police assaulted after attending domestic incident in Skegness, court told

Magistrates have heard that two police officers were assaulted when they went to a bedsit in Skegness to attend a domestic incident.

Boston Magistrates' Court.

Sebastian White, 28, now living at Alford Road, in Mablethorpe, admitted the two assaults when he appeared in court in Boston on Wednesday.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said the officers were called to the bedsit in Grosvenor Road at 5.15am on August 6 where they found White, who was holding a wine bottle in his hand, intoxicated and refusing to leave the bedsit.

She said they were concerned he would assault his partner, who wanted him to leave, but he pushed one of them in the chest forcing him backwards and then pushed the other officer so that he fell back onto the bed.

Philippa Chatterton, mitigating, said White suffered from ADHD, PTSD and social anxiety, but had not been able to access his medication for three weeks as he had recently moved and changed his GP and his prescriptions had not yet come through.

She said that White and his partner lived in a ‘very small bedsit’ and she had wanted him to go out for her own mental health issues.

She said that no offence had been committed before the officers had arrived and he had not assaulted his partner, adding that neither of the pushes on the officers had been hard and the first officer had not fallen over and the second just sat back on a bed.

After hearing from the Probation Service, the magistrates decided to defer sentence for three months so he could show himself to be a model citizen and not break any laws and that if he did so, they would recommend he be given a conditional discharge.