Police chief wears white ribbon to launch of 16 days of action against male violence

A police chief in Lincolnshire is wearing a white ribbon to mark the launch of 16 days of action against male violence.

Chief Constable Chris Haward, along with other officers across the county, will be making the promise to “never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women".

Today is White Ribbon Day - an annual campaign which has perhaps never been so important following the 'tragedy of the murder of Sarah Everard'.

This year the leading message for White Ribbon Day is that #AllMenCan make a difference, take action and make a stand.

Officers in Lincolnshire, including Chief Constable Chris Haward, will be making the promise to “never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.”

Chief Constable Chris Haward said: “The utter tragedy of the murder of Sarah Everard means that addressing male violence against women and girls is at the forefront of our minds and at the heart of what we do.

"It’s our job to keep you safe, and our challenge to build in our communities, a trust and confidence that we are here to protect and help.

“As we seek to gain the trust of the people we serve, we must also look inward at our own people.

"There is no place here for anyone whose views, values or actions are anything but respectful, kind and decent. We are seeking the experiences of women in our Force so we can make sure we have an environment that is free from misogyny and harassment, both for our workforce, and for the communities we serve.”

“Men and women across our organisation will be wearing the White Ribbon to show our commitment to tackling male violence and to demonstrate that we will not excuse or remain silent on this issue.”

The Lincolnshire campaign runs in conjunction with the international UN Women 16 days of activism.

Today, and for the 16 day campaign period, Lincolnshire Police will be highlighting key messages in relation to domestic abuse and male violence and will outline where people can access support and advice within the county.

Vital messages are:

- We will not excuse or remain silent on violence against women and girls.

- We will explain the signs of abuse, coercion and control.

- We will raise awareness of stalking and harassment and what to do if you are experiencing this invasive and terrifying crime.

- We will promote “safe spaces” for those enduring domestic abuse, available in participating pharmacies where you will be offered a phone line and support in a secure environment.

- We will be addressing perpetrators of male violence and urging them to seek help to change their behaviour.

- We will promote the “silent solution” if you call 999 but speaking would put you in danger.

- We will promote “Hollie Guard”, a safety app for your mobile phone.

- We will promote “street safe” a pilot scheme inviting women to indicate places where they have felt unsafe.

Police are asking the public to join them on social media and share posts on information and support. People can also make the promise to “never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women” using the hashtags #AllMenCan #WhiteRibbon #MakeThePromise and #16Days


If you or your children are in immediate danger you should always call 999. If it is not safe to speak we use 'silent solutions'. Press 5 5 when prompted and this will tell us that you need us.

If you don't want to call us you can access help from specialist domestic abuse services:

End Domestic Abuse Now (EDAN) Lincolnshire available on 01522 510041. Lincolnshire's Domestic Abuse Support Service now have an online chat function on their website. It is available between Monday and Friday 10am to 12pm. The Chat function allows someone to chat with a support worker at EDAN Lincs virtually, which can often be easier for some people to make that first step.

The National Domestic Violence Helpline is a 24hr Freephone available on 0808 2000 247 operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Safe Lives portal provides advice for victims and professionals.

If you are a child or young person and domestic abuse is happening in your home or relationship, Childline is available on 0800 1111.

Safe spaces are available in UK pharmacies including Boots, Superdrug, Morrisons and many independent pharmacies. Go to the healthcare counter and ask to use the safe space where you can access support.

Respect helpline can be contacted on 0808 802 4040 or use webchat on the Respect website.

In Lincolnshire, there is also have Make a Change – contact 01522 246616 or email: [email protected]