Police hunt car vandals in Horncastle

Horncastle Police have issued an appeal for witnesses after two incidents of criminal damage were committed in Horncastle.

Over the last few weeks, police received two reports of criminal damage in the Horncastle area.

One relates to a vehicle on Mareham Road, near the Tennyson Gardens junction, which was damaged after dog poo was thrown over it.

Another incident involved a silver Suzuki which had its offside wing mirror damage while parked at the junction with Mareham Road, on Queen Street.

Police have asked for anyone with information on either of these incidents to call 101.

Officers have also asked for residents to be vigilant after reports of a possible scam involving solar panels in the Horncastle area.

Some residents who own a solar panel have been cold-called on the pretence that their solar panel company has gone out of business and they have to have their panels serviced which involves a charge of up to £2,000.

Police have advised that this is a scam, and if you receive such a call, hang up and call your existing solar panel company.