Police increasing patrols around Heckington after spate of criminal damage

Sleaford area policing team are putting on extra evening patrols around Heckington after several recent reports of vandalism to property.

A number of people have been seen or caught on camera in the evening and overnight damaging fences and causing other anti-social behaviour around shops and residential areas.

PCSO Patrick Welby-Everard of the neighbourhood policing team said they have had a series of criminal damage incidents to fencing around the High Street/Boston Road area, saying: “These are happening mainly late at night.

“There has also been some damage to the fencing at the tennis courts in Heckington as well and in response to this we will be stepping up patrols in the village and surrounding area.”

Owners have complained to local police who are following up on possible identities of several people thought to be responsible.

One property owner, who would not be named for fear of reprisals, said: “They have caused a lot of problems and it has been an absolute nightmare.

“There are five or six of them and they are all over the village, with some turning up in the early hours. They are causing damage to businesses and properties.”

Anyone with information or CCTV footage should contact police on 101.