Police see 48 people in custody after hectic New Year's Eve

Lincolnshire Police saw 48 people in custody in its cells across the county by the morning of New Year's Day after an extremely busy overnight shift.

Police news
Police news

Duty Superintendent Paul Timmins tweeted at 6.46am yesterday morning (Tuesday): “We currently have 48 people in custody across Lincolnshire....22 for assaults, 10 for drink drive, 8 for public order, 3 for damage, 2 for sex offences, 2 for stolen vehicle and 1 for warrant...some very tired cops...thanks to all.”

He later added: “Just finishing up and heading home. Am very grateful for the commitment and hard work displayed by our staff over past 24 hours. We are so lucky to have a police service like this in Lincolnshire. Total dedication and passion.”

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Chief Inspector Phil Vickers added on the matter of a number of officers being assaulted, including four in Grantham, that the Chief Constable Bill Skelly will write a statement for each person charged with assaulting his officers. He tweeted: “We cover large rural areas - backup can take time to arrive, so have a greater percentage of frontline officers issued with Taser than most (any?) other UK Force.”

The Force’s control room reinforced the feeling that it was a busy, hectic evening.

One of the team tweeted: “Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019!! We knew last night was going to be a busy one. We took a total of 599 calls during the New Years Eve shift.”