Police step up campaign against quad bikes in Skegness

Police have stepped up their campaign to stop off-road bikes being used illegally on Skegness beach

Specialist equipment is being used to deter the use off-road bikes along the Skegness coast.

Officers in Skegness tweeted last week they were out along the Lincolnshire coast using the specialist equipment to deter riders, including the use of drones.

Skeg Neighbourhood Police Team organised an awareness event on Wednesday to educate the public surrounding the issues off road vehicles cause on the beach.

Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve in particular has complained that quad bikes are continuing to disturb the wildlife.

The awareness day came ahead of Lincolnshire Police’s anti-social behaviour week, which includes vehicle nuisance.

Chief Inspector Simon Skelton, of the Safer Together Partnership said,: “Our vison for Lincolnshire identifies ASB as a top priority with a focus on reducing repeat victimisation and calls for service.

“While ASB includes comparatively low level offending, the impact on victims can be severe, affecting how safe they feel, and their quality of life. It can make life a misery.

“They are often not isolated incidents but repeated problems that have a cumulative impact on those affected by the behaviour.”

Police have stepped up their campaign against off-road bikes.

Anyone wishing to report the crime is asked to contact the team or call 101 and 999 in an emergency.

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