Police warn of new phone scam

Lincolnshire Police are warning people to be aware of a new phone scam.

Lincolnshire Police's new warning of phone scam.
Lincolnshire Police's new warning of phone scam.

The force has seen an increase in reports of telephone cold callers claiming to be from utility companies in Lincolnshire.

The call usually starts with a fraudster alleging to work for a utility company. They will then claim that the victim has an outstanding balance on their account that needs to be paid and that it needs to be paid immediately in order to resolve the issue.

Although the losses reported so far have been small amounts (£22), once the victim’s card details have been provided, the fraudsters will use the information gathered to make high value payments elsewhere and defraud the victim.

Genuine companies won’t cold call you out of the blue. If you receive a call asking you to make immediate payment to a utility company such as water, gas or electricity, do not give your details over the phone.

Contact the company directly using a telephone number you can verify and query your account, and never give your personal or financial details over the phone to a cold caller.

For more information on how to stay safe from fraud, visit Action Fraud or call 0300 123 2040.