Police warning after two vehicles are stolen while ‘defrosting’ in Louth

Police have issued a warning to motorists after two vehicles were stolen while they were left unattended in Louth this morning (Wednesday).

Two vehicles were stolen in Louth this morning. (Photo: Lincolnshire Police)

A dark grey Ford Mondeo was stolen in Mercer Row shortly after 8am, and was later found abandoned in Jubilee Crescent (incident number 55 of January 13).

A blue Ford Transit was stolen around 20 minutes in Kestrel Drive, and this vehicle was later found abandoned at Manby Airfield (incident number 57 of January 13).

It is thought that the same offender has committed both offences. The only description provided to Louth Police is that the offender is a male with a tanned complexion, who wore a green jacket, black beanie hat, and was carrying a black backpack.

A Louth Police spokesperson said: “Now we’re into cold and frosty mornings - a reminder to you all please.

“Do not de-ice your car by turning the engine on and then leave it unattended whilst it defrosts!

“Two vehicles in Louth have been stolen this morning. Both owners had left the engines running and then left them momentarily.

“Please don’t make a criminals life easy by leaving your car running then leaving it. We are fortunate that there is very little vehicle crime in Louth, but this morning has clearly demonstrated that there are offenders out there looking for opportunities!”

• Call Lincolnshire Police on 101 and quote the relevant incident number if you have any information about either of the vehicle thefts.