Police warning - escooters are banned from roads and paths in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Police are issuing a warning and guidance to E-Scooter owners to impress upon them that the machines can only be used on private land in the county.

Guidance on using E Scooters in Lincolnshire. EMN-210107-130651001
Guidance on using E Scooters in Lincolnshire. EMN-210107-130651001

A force spokesman said: “We have seen a significant rise in the use of e-scooters being used on our roads, pavements and public areas.

“They are illegal to use in Lincolnshire, unless they are being used on private land, with the permission of the land owner. There are trials ongoing, with rental schemes, in some areas, but this does not include Lincolnshire.”

On speaking to users, officers have often found a lack of understanding in relation to the law around use of the scooters.

They say: “It is clear they are being ridden on the roads and streets of the county and we will be engaging with riders of e-scooters to educate anyone who is using one illegally. If children are riding them, we may give their parents/guardians a call to advise.”

More information on the trials, currently underway in some areas, can be found by following the link: E-scooter trials: guidance for users - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) . In the trials, e-scooters can be rented, with rental companies providing the necessary insurance. Users must have the category Q on their driving licence and wear a cycle helmet while riding one.

Where e-scooters are being used illegally, officers have the power to seize them and deal with any offences.

The force spokesman added: “When we seize an e-scooter the owner will need to provide proof of ownership (by way of receipt), produce photo ID and make payment for the recovery charges and storage.