Police warning to drug dealers: 'We are waiting for you'

Police in Skegness have reported another successful night as they continue their campaign against drug dealers.

Police were out in Skegness on Friday night to deter drug dealers.

Operation California resumed around the resort's bars to support businesses and keep customers safe.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Geoff Harrison tweeted ahead of the operation where customers are tested for drugs on entering premises.

"We want you to have a fab and safe night out in #Skegness but come to deal drugs then #OpCalifornia is waiting to say hello! Is it worth the risk, arrest, conviction?," he warned.

After the operation, he tweeted: "#OpCalifornia deployed with drugs itemiser tonight in #Skegness!

"Fantastic support from the community working together to keep everyone safe #DrugsNotWelcome."