Rasen Police: '˜You can help us beat crime'

Police in Market Rasen have urged residents to contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team to report any suspected crime, in a bid to tackle claims the local force is '˜not interested'.
Market Rasen Police office EMN-170918-115425001Market Rasen Police office EMN-170918-115425001
Market Rasen Police office EMN-170918-115425001

Councillors and residents aired their views and concerns to Pc Christopher Bell at this month’s council meeting.

Some residents alleged to have witnessed ‘drug use’ in the town, while Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews spoke of ‘a drugs trend’, which he urged police to address.

Some residents claimed the issue of drugs was being met with ‘a lack of action’ from local police.

However, Pc Bell explained that while this was the perception in the town - both through word-of-mouth and on social media - the local neighbourhood policing team had not received any complaints to reflect the residents’ concerns at the meeting.

He also told the meeting that the area had seen a reduction in crimes like shoplifting since a ‘primary offender’ responsible for around 30 shop thefts, including many in Queen Street (pictured), had been ordered to pay for the items taken.

In light of this, Pc Bell said the rate of shop thefts had ‘dropped back to normal’.

Pc Bell continued to assure the meeting that reported crimes, such as instances of shoplifting, had to be dealt with on an individual basis.

In response to residents’ drug-related fears, Pc Bell said: “I know what you are saying.

“From a police perspective this is part of the problem - what you’ve just said is the sort of story that gets spread on Facebook and by word of mouth.

“It’s the sort of thing you become aware of when you’re around town - but it doesn’t necessarily get reported to the police.

“There are an awful lot of things that do go on in Rasen - and there’s quite a difference between what actually goes on and what’s reported to us.

“I can assure you that what is reported is dealt with - there is a process to follow.

“The perception - largely because things are not reported - is that the police are not interested or that we just aren’t doing anything.

“This is very counter productive.

“It’s better to look at what is actually being done, rather than just to assume nothing is done.”

Coun John Matthews responded: “I am pleased to hear the multiple offender has left the area, but there is an underlying trend - particularly drugs-related - in the town, and I think that’s something you (the police) need to look at addressing.”

* To report crimes to Lincolnshire Police in your area, you can call them by dialling 101.