Suspended jail term for Boston man who threw mobile phone at wife's head, causing two-inch gash, during controlling and coercive relationship

A Boston man who threw a mobile phone at his wife's head causing a two-inch gash has been given a suspended jail sentence.
Lincoln Crown Court.Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

Marius Bagdonas, 42, admitted causing the injury during a controlling and coercive relationship.

David Eager, prosecuting, said drink was the issue in this case, with Bagdonas frequently accusing his wife of having affairs.

This progressed to slapping his wife and grabbing her arms, causing bruising.

Matters came to light on July 5, 2023, when staff at a school in Boston called the police after the complainant attended with a head injury, Mr Eager told the court.

“She told them it was caused by a mobile phone which was thrown at her head,” he said.

The victim was treated in hospital for a two-inch gash to the top of her head.

In an impact statement, the complainant said she hoped matters would now improve if her former partner could deal with his alcohol issues.

Mr Eager said there was a further incident on July 9 when Bagdonas was found sleeping in the garden of his wife's home.

Bagdonas, now of no fixed address, admitted controlling and coercive behaviour between December 2015 and September 2023.

Sam Lowne, mitigating for Bagdonas, said he shared a wish with his wife that he would be able to return to the family home in due course.

“This was all caused by his abuse of alcohol,” Mr Lowne added. “That is not an excuse.

“He tells me he can stay indefinitely with friends, who don't have children, until he can get himself on his feet and rent a property.

“He has a job to go to.”

Bagdonas, who listened to the hearing via a Lithuanian interpreter, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for 18 months.

He must also complete 150 hours of unpaid work, 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days and pay £500 court costs.

Passing sentence at Lincoln Crown Court yesterday (Monday, November 13), Judge Simon Hirst warned Bagdonas he would go to jail if he did not comply with the sentence.

“I make this order on the assurance you will not be returning home unless social services agree,” Judge Hirst told Bagdonas.