Thieves on motorbikes snatching items from delivery vans

Police have issued a warning to delivery drivers after a number of thefts from vans as they make their rounds across the region.


Sacks of mail have been stolen from Royal Mail delivery vans in two separate incidents and there have been several parcel delivery drivers who have been victim having parcels stolen from their vans as they go to addresses to make their deliveries. The offenders often ride up on motorbikes and snatch items from the vans, it happens quickly and gives drivers no time to react.

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: “We are warning drivers of these incidents in an attempt to prevent further thefts.”

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Anyone making deliveries should remember when leaving their vehicles:

never leave the engine running;

remove the keys and lock the doors;

never leave the back doors open;

lock the back doors when leaving the vehicle.

Anyone seeing anything suspicious please call police on 101.