Uninsured Louth man drove while under influence of cocaine

A Louth man who drove his car while under the influence of cocaine and without insurance, has been banned from driving by magistrates.

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Tom O’Keefe, 32, of Broadley Crescent, who admitted the offences, was stopped by police in Park Avenue at 1pm on April 15 and he tested positive for a cocaine derivative and was arrested.

He was found to have 800 micrograms of a cocaine derivative in his blood, the legal limit being 50 and 65 micrograms of the drug cocaine itself, the legal limit being 10.

At Boston Magistrates’ Court on October 27, O’Keefe also admitted having no insurance to drive the Ragne Rover he was in, and did not hold a driving licence authorising him to do so.

There were said to be no aggravating features and he had no previous convictions.

He was banned from driving for a year and fined a total of £240 and ordered to pay a total of £119 in court costs and charges.