Update on Mustard Gas in woodland at Kirkby Lane

The location where the Mustard Gas canisters were found has now been searched and surveyed for Mustard Gas contamination by a specialist unit from the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Police cordoned off the scene.

This investigation took place between 20 November and 25 November in Woodhall Spa.

Whilst some traces of Mustard Gas agent was identified in the soil as expected, no additional chemical weapons (including vapour) were found on the site.

Any soil found to be contaminated with the Mustard Gas agent was removed from the site during the works for safe disposal at the Porton Down facility (MOD base).

In total 2 to 3 tonnes of soil were removed and over 200 soil samples have been taken for analysis.

The specialist team will share the results of the soil sampling with the Council in order that we can be assured that all traces of contamination have been removed before the site is formally handed back to the relevant landowners.

The results of the soil sampling are likely to be received within the next week or so.

Meanwhile the security presence and fencing will remain on the site as a precautionary measure.

At present, we continue to ask the community to avoid the woodland.

The investigation team from the MOD did find some spent ordnance on the site, which is being removed.

Once we have received the results from the soil sampling we will write to nearby residents to provide a further update of the latest position.

The specialist team have provided these photographs of their work between November 20 and 25, 2017.