VIDEO: Head of crime addresses “unprecedented” numbers of violent incidents in Lincolnshire

The 'unprecedented' number of reports of violence this weekend, including the alleged stabbing of a teenager at Alford, has been addressed by a senior police officer.

Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Taylor, Head of Crime, outlines what the force is doing to tackle incidents of this type in a video released by Lincolnshire Police.

Det Chief Supt Taylor says: "As you may have seen there has been an unprecedented amount of violence over the weekend - one of those is in relation to a stabbing in the Alford area, a second whereby a male has received a head wound following a disturbance in Grantham, and a shooting in Spalding where a male has sustained a gun shot.

"Of course, to the residents of Lincolnshire this will be gravely concerning.and is unusual regarding the number and extent of violence the public has received.

Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Taylor, Head of Crime

"To that end the message I want to relay is those incidents were in no way linked, and in all of those cases investigations are ongoing, persons have been arrested and persons have been charged."

In reassuring the public, Det Chief Supt Taylor outlines a violence reduction initiative launched in January, focusing on reducing the number of violent crimes in Lincolnshire and giving the best possible care to victims of those crimes.

"We are doing that through enforcement, engagement, and through education," he states.

Anyone with information relating to any incidents of violence is asked to report that information to the police - through 999 in emergency or 101 in non-emergency. "You will never know of that is a piece of a jigsaw ultimately to bring those offences to justice," Det Chief Supt Taylor says.