Woman bit police officer after evening's drinking in Skegness

Magistrates have heard that a woman bit a police officer in Skegness after an evening's drinking.

Boston Magistrates' Court.
Boston Magistrates' Court.

Shannon Disney, 31, of Station Road, Gedney Hill admitted assaulting the officer when she refused to get out of a police car following her detention by officers after she had been found wandering down the centre of the road in Skegness.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said police were called to Roman Bank at a little before 2am on September 13 where they found Disney in the middle of the road.

She said Disney was abusive and aggressive and although the officers tried to get her to stay on the footpath, she kept going back into the road, saying she was going to walk to her 'home in Leicester'.

Ms Stace said the officers knew she was from Skegness and put her in their car to take her home but they could not rouse anyone there to look after her so were forced to take her to the police station and it was there that, as the officer was trying to help her out of the car, she bit him on the forearm, leaving a 'visible bite mark'.

She said Disney apologised the next morning but could not remember the incident.In mitigation, Andrea Wilkes said Disney was from Skegness but now lived in the Spalding area following a 'horrific incident' in 2019 in which she had been threatened with a pistol.

She said that since then she had become drug free and on this day, when she was staying with her mother in Skegness, she had gone out for the evening with some friends and 'one drink led to another' and she became drunk and decided to leave and was intending to walk to her mother's, but became disorientated.

Disney was fined £180 and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the police officer and £34 in court charges.