Woman fined for sending fake Belgian licence to DVLA

A WOMAN who sent a counterfeit Belgian driving licence to the DVLA to exchange for a UK licence, has been fined by magistrates in Boston.

Woman fined by court

Lillija Balciuniene, 55, of Horace Street, Boston, who admitted possessing a false driving licence, was said to have sent the licence to the DVLA, accompanied by a photo identification, and with an application to exchange for a UK licence, on October 1 2019.

Kate Minihane, prosecuting, said the licence was shown to be counterfeit and enquiries by Interpol revealed that Balciuniene had in fact never had a driving licence in Belgium, where she had lived, nor in her native Lithuania.

She said that Balciuniene told police she had lost her original driving licence in 2009 and that a man at an agency in Belgium had assisted her in obtaining a new Belgian driving licence which she did not realise was counterfeit.

In mitigation, it was said she accepted the licence she had obtained in Belgium was 'not quite right' and that she had made a mistake in trusting people who had helped her to get the licence.

It was said that Balciuniene, who has no previous convictions, had lived in the UK for ten years.

The magistrates told her that she knew, or should have known, that the licence came from a source that was not a government source, and fined her £200 and £117 in court costs and charges.