Woman left needing surgery on head injury after she was pushed over, court is told

A woman needed surgery on a head injury and was in hospital for a month after she was pushed over by a Boston man after she blocked a taxi he was travelling in, a court was told.Boston man whose push on a drunken woman resulted in her spending a month in hospital has been given a suspended sentence.
Man given suspended sentenceMan given suspended sentence
Man given suspended sentence

The woman, who was said to be drunk, had been in the road and blocking the progress of the taxi James Stuart Hooper and others were in.

She fell backwards and hit her head on a shop-front step after being pushed by Hopper, Boston Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday.

The court heard that there were concerns for her life and she underwent surgery on a severe head injury. She also had a tracheostomy.

Hooper (26) - a man with no previous convictions - has been so distraught about the one-off incident last year that he has been unable to hold down a job since.

Prosecutor Nick Todd said: “It’s one of those cases that, I suspect, started off as an accident but because of the injuries sustained by the lady has turned into a serious offence.”

Mr Todd said the woman – also from Boston – was in front of the taxi in a narrow street in the town at 3.10am on October 21, 2018.

“Mr Hooper and one of his friends got out of the taxi to move her out of the way. She certainly raises her arms at which point the defendant pushes her. She falls on the pavement and the back of her head hits a wall.”

In police interview after his arrest, Hooper expressed great regret and was upset at the level of injury because it was “absolutely unintentional”.

Hooper, of Woodthorpe Avenue, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent.

In mitigation, solicitor Mark Hudson said Hooper had “ushered” the woman to the side of the road, doing the “right and proper thing”. She started to flail her arms about and he thought she was about to assault him.

The defendant had immediately gone to comfort the victim after she hit her head on a step.

Mr Hudson told district judge Peter Veits: “This is a genuine person whose life has changed as well and sometimes we have to take that into account.”

Mr Veits told Hooper he had clearly pushed too hard but he had taken his good character and the “very unusual circumstances” into account in sentencing him to 26 weeks’ custody, suspended for one year. Hooper was ordered to pay £200 compensation to the victim, £122 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Mr Veits added: “The important thing now is for you to move on. I just hope this lady can carry on her life as well.”