D-day for Tetford homes

Planners will determine the fate of a proposal for seven new homes off North Road in Tetford next week - less than 18 months after a previous plan for the site was rejected.

Illustration of the housing proposal in Tetford.

The proposal for seven homes, on land off North Road, is expected to be determined by East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee 
next Thursday (March 14).

The plans, submitted by Brian Todd Homes Ltd which is based in the village, feature the erection of one pair of semi detached houses; one detached house with a detached double garage; one detached house and an attached double garage; two detached houses with a block of three garages; one detached bungalow; the erection of a carport for the existing bungalow on site; and construction of vehicular access.

A previous proposal for seven homes on the same site was rejected in November 2017 - however, this previous proposal was submitted by a different applicant. Brian Todd’s agent, Andrew Hey, told the Leader that his client has taken great care and consideration with his proposals.

Seven new homes could be in the pipeline for Tetford - pending approval.

Mr Hey described the old and new proposals for the site as “chalk and cheese”, and said that his client has carried out extensive scrutiny including landscape and visual impact assessments, ecological surveys, bat and tree surveys, archeological surveys, and traffic impact assessments.

He said: “The applicant lives in the village, and he has its best interests at heart. The proposal would fit the landscape, rather than fight it.”

Mr Hey added that rather than seven large houses (as had been proposed by other applicants in the past), his client’s application features four larger houses and three smaller ones - which he hopes will increase the chances of the properties providing a home for local people.

Residents’ responses to the application have been mixed, with dozens of residents taking the time to submit their letters of support or opposition to the plans.

One village resident, Linda Garner, expressed her concerns over the plans on the basis that it would encroach on an area of natural beauty - which was one of the primary reasons behind the planning committee’s rejected of the previous application for the site back in November 2017.

Linda said: “It’s just a plea for serious consideration to be made to protect our precious ‘Green and Pleasant Wolds’.

“As a Tetford resident of 28 years, this development does not affect us directly, but we are passionate about Tetford history and beauty.”

Linda added that ELDC’s Local Plan had ‘zero allocation’ for new homes in Tetford.

However, agent Mr Hey said that, as a ‘large village’, Tetford is still expected to accept some moderate development.

Meanwhile, Tetford & Salmonby Parish Council opposed the proposal by a narrow 3-2 vote at their meeting in January.

The council’s formal response states: “The proposed development would be harmful to the distinctive character and qualities of the ring village of Tetford and in particular the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

“As an historic ring village, Tetford has been afforded protection under the new Local Plan in order to retain its distinct character.

“To approve this application could set a precedent for further back-land development.”

In response, the applicant Brian Todd stated: “There is no realistic possibility of development in the large open field to the south of the site.”

The agent, Mr Hey, added that one of the parish councillors who voted against the plan has since re-considered their view, and now supports the proposal