‘Dangrous’ cat on the prowl

A CONCERNED pet owner is warning of a ‘dangerous’ cat wandering around Laugton-en-le-Morthen.

Sonja Hurt has already been attacked by the animal and has had to prevent it from attacking her cats on several occasions.

She is now warning other people to be aware to prevent similar attacks and is encouraging the cat’s owner to come forward.

Mrs Hurt, of Mellow Fields Road, said the cat first appeared around March or April time.

She said: “When it sees my cats it goes for them.”

“It has got to the stage where I have to sit with the back door on a wedge and have to go out if I hear anything.”

“I’ve bought a children’s water pistol, which the vet suggested, and use that which normally works.”

“The other week I heard a scream and went out. I squirted the water pistol but it had no effect. It was still a good distance away from me and it jumped for me. It scratched my face and shoulder.”

“In the early mornings you can hear it having a go at my lounge window.”

“If my cats are on the window ledge, it launches itself at my door. It doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. There are young children that live on this street - what might it do to them?”

“I’m afraid to go out in my own garden now. I dare not go out without the water gun.”

Mrs Hurt has contacted the police and RSPCA but has been told although there is legislation to deal with dangerous dogs, there is no such legislation to deal with cats.

Mrs Hurt is trying to find the cats owner and is encouraging them or anyone who knows them to contact her on 01909 563534.

The cat has white on its face, chest and paws and has a black body.