Dentist who groped patients in Gainsborough is struck off

A dentist and former Parliamentary candidate and councillor who fondled the breasts of two patients during emergency examinations in Gainsborough has been kicked out of the profession.

Adrian Heath told the women he was feeling their glands as he performed the inappropriate examinations, the General Dental Council ruled.

In one case at the Genesis practice, Market Street, Gainsborough, he ‘tweaked’ a patient’s nipple and asked her to undo her trousers.

Heath was cleared of sexual assault at a criminal trial in 2010, but a professional misconduct hearing found the allegations proved after ruling the dentist’s evidence ‘lacked credibility’.

Ordering his name be struck off the dental register, panel chair Lynne Stewart this week said: “Mr Heath’s actions in respect of these two patients amounted to a serious breach of trust and an invasion of patients’ personal dignity.”

• For the full story see next week’s Gainsborough Standard - out Thursday 8th March.

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