Derbys: Council launches plans to fight youth unemployment

Plans to tackle youth unemployment are being drawn up by Derbyshire County Council to get more young people into work, further education or training.
Coun Joan DixonCoun Joan Dixon
Coun Joan Dixon

Coun Joan Dixon, the council’s cabinet member for jobs, economy and transport, said: “We want to build a strong economy in Derbyshire and provide a brighter future for our young people – and that means making sure we have a skilled and confident workforce.”

“We offer a wide range of support for young people but we need to look at why youth employment is so high and find new ways to getting more young people into jobs.”

“We’re working with employers to make sure local youngsters are equipped with the skills they need to work in Derbyshire’s economy and we’re asking what employers need to create jobs and grow their businesses – such as Global Derbyshire grants to help small businesses develop and create employment opportunities.”