Derbyshire: Council aiming to generate money through renewable energy projects

Derbyshire County Council has announced that it is exploring opportunities to use its land for renewable energy projects to generate money.
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It recently hosted an energy collaboration seminar at County Hall in Matlock which other local authorities attended to look at potentially transforming former industrial land for energy projects.

The event was organised through the Association for Public Service Excellence, which is a non-profit local government body which helps local authorities improve services, in association with the Town and Country Planning Association and the Notts and Derbyshire Local Authorities Energy Partnership.

Derbyshire County Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member for Council Services, Councillor John Owen, said: “It was great to host the first energy collaboration seminar to discuss the benefits and opportunities of developing renewable energy projects to generate money.

“We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in Derbyshire and will be working closely with other local authorities to share best practices which will benefit everyone.”

Over the next year the council will look at identifying land it owns which could be used.

Once chosen, a decision will be made on what it will be used for but it could include turning it into an energy farm with solar panels generating energy which is sold to the national grid.

The council may also consider investing in other local authorities renewable energy schemes as a different way to generate an income whilst promoting a low carbon economy.