Derbyshire: Councillor’s warning on internet binge drinking game ‘NekNomination’

A leading Derbyshire councillor has backed calls for health warnings on social media sites to tackle an internet binge drinking game.
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Councillor Kevin Gillott, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, supports the Local Government Association’s call for Twitter and Facebook to post prominent messages on their sites warning of the dangers of ‘NekNomination’.

The LGA is urging the companies to consider warnings along the lines of those used on cigarette packets to alert social media users to the dangers of the game – which has seen participants filming themselves drinking huge quantities of strong alcohol mixed with motor oil, dog food and even live fish.

Councillor Gillott said: “We’ve all been young and know it’s very difficult to have the strength to stand up to peer pressure. “But it’s up to responsible adults to warn young people that some mistakes are too big to bounce back from and can even have deadly consequences. “We work closely with schools and support them in developing safe internet usage guidance and advice for students. “We’ll continue to offer any support we can to help protect young people.”