Did Louth church feature in Coronation Street this week?

There is speculation that a picture of St James' Church may have featured in the background of Coronation Street on Monday evening (July 11), after an eagle-eyed viewer took a quick snap and shared it on social media.

The church picture was spotted on Coronation Street on Monday evening. (Credit: Nez Robinson)

Louth resident Nez Robinson, 21, spotted the picture of the church in the Rectory, behind vicar Billy Mayhew, on the TV screen on Monday evening.

After sharing it on Facebook, a number of Nez’s friends commented to agree that the picture does indeed appear to be St James’ Church.

Residential care home worker Nez told the Leader: “I made my partner rewind it - I was sure it was St James’ Church.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I had to put it on Facebook to see if anyone else saw the resemblance.

“I even sat on Google trying to find the same photo!”

An ITV spokeswoman told the Leader: “We believe that this picture actually belongs to the Rectory that we film in, so we don’t know what church it is.”

She added that the designer in charge of dressing that set is currently away on holiday, so the identity of the church cannot be confirmed at this time.

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