Did you know John Thomas Merriken?

A memorial plaque for North Somercotes man John Thomas Merriken (born 1903) - who died in action during World War II when the HMS Acasta was sunk by German warships in 1940 - will be unveiled at Leicestershire Police headquarters on Friday August 10.

John Thomas Merriken in the police service, before the war.

John Thomas Merriken was the son of John Merrikin from North Somercotes (b.1847) and Mary Sinderson from Skidbrooke (b.1866).

Mr Merriken worked as a police officer in Leicester before being called into war through the Naval Reserve in 1939.

He was one of the hundreds of men who died after HM ships Glorious, Acasta, and Ardent were all sunk by German warships in the Norwegian Sea on June 8, 1940.

John Thomas Merriken (1903-1940).

Mr Merriken’s granddaughter, Elaine, said he had many family members in our area - particularly North Somercotes, Alford and Gayton le Marsh - and any relatives or friends are invited to attend the memorial ceremony next week.

Call Elaine on 07587 853985 or email [email protected] if you knew Mr Merriken.