Dinnington: Schools will close for a day after largest teachers’ union takes strike action

Schools in the Dinnington area will be closed for a day next week as members of the largest teacher union, the National Union of Teachers, take national strike action.
Dinnington Comprehensive is among the schools affectedDinnington Comprehensive is among the schools affected
Dinnington Comprehensive is among the schools affected

Dinnington Comprehensive School, Wales High School and Maltby Academy have announced they are among the schools that will be closed on Wednesday 26th March.

However, the strike is expected to close the majority of schools across the region.

The National Union of Teachers voted in favour of the ‘day of action’ after several unions remained in dispute with the government about changes to teachers’ pay and conditions.

These changes include introducing performance-related pay and reducing pension packages, along with the decision to make teachers work until they are 68.

In addition to the strike, the NUT has launched a campaign called Stand Up for Education, which pledges to ensure schools are ‘properly and equitably funded’.

Fred Sprague, divisional secretary for the NUT in Rotherham, said: “Teacher workload is unsustainable and the thought of doing the job until 68 is driving many away from the job.”

“Teacher morale is at dangerously low levels- children need teachers who are fresh and well motivated, not tired and demoralised.”

“Teachers do not like taking strike action, but they are prepared to lose pay to stand up for education.”

“We do apologise for the inconvenience to parents, but we hope they will support us,” he added.

Spokespersons at Dinnington Comprehensive and Maltby Academy said that although the schools would be closed to all students in years 7 to 13 for lessons.

However, students in Years 11, 12, 13 working towards examinations could still attend for independent study.

The schools will reopen on Thursday 27th March, with lessons resuming as normal.

Wales High school declined to comment and Maltby Academy did not get back to the Guardian when asked for comment.