District council sell on The Dunes Complex in Mablethorpe

The Dunes complex in Mablethorpe is to be sold by East Lindsey District Council to its existing tenant.

The sell-off was approved, without discussion, at a meeting of the executive board. The prospective sale price has not been revealed but, according to a report to the board, it represents market value.

The current rental on an internal-only repairing lease is £14,000 per annum.

By offloading The Dunes, the district council will save costs, estimated at about £80,000, of replacing the cement-asbestos sheeted roof, rainwater guttering and carrying out other external renovation.

As part of the same deal, ELDC will sell, then lease back (at a peppercorn rent) the adjacent Quebec Road public conveniences which are currently mothballed - not least because they require £100,000 worth of renovation including Legionella protection works.

The council is aware the purchaser could sell the property at a profit but says it “preserves its position as best it can by inclusion of a fair claw back agreement within the contract.”