Doctor denies sexually assaulting a female patient

A doctor based at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital has denied sexually assaulting a female patient.

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Dr Saqib Uddin Khan, 36, is alleged to have carried out an internal examination on the woman after she attended the hospital following breast surgery abroad.

The woman was video interviewed by police after complaining that she was internally examined by a doctor after attending A & E with bleeding from one of her wounds.

During the video, which was played to a jury at Lincoln Crown Court, the woman alleged a doctor carried out two internal examinations after asking her if it would be alright to examine her without a nurse being present.

Dr Khan’s own records showed he took a history from the woman after she was moved to a surgical assessment unit from A & E but he denies carrying out any internal examination.

In evidence Khan, a speciality doctor in general surgery at the Pilgrim Hospital, told the jury that he attempted to find a female nurse to act as chaperone while he examined the patient but staff were too busy dealing with other urgent cases.

He said he discussed the lack of a chaperone with the patient and she agreed to being examined without one present.

“I made a choice. it was based on what was required. I would say I made the right call at that time.”

Khan said that he only examined the woman above the waist and described the complainant’s evidence as ‘fabrication’.

He told the jury “I did a professional examination. I did the best I could for the patient.

“I didn’t touch her in a sexual fashion at all. I didn’t do such a thing. I totally deny it.”

Dr Khan, of Mayfair Gardens, Boston, Lincs, denies one charge of assault by penetration on 29 September, 2014.

The trial continues.