Doncaster OAP dies after attack on home

A vulnerable Doncaster pensioner has died just days after a breeze block was hurled through her front window in an unprovoked attack.

June Green, 83, was left shivering in her freezing cold house over night after the missile shattered the glass at her property in Lonsdale Avenue, Intake.

She died on Sunday – seven days later – after catching pneumonia.

Her daughter Gail Benson-Green says she believes her mum’s death is linked to the unprovoked attack.

Mrs Benson-Green, who lives in Hampshire, said: “I thought my mum was coping quite well with what had happened but she started to get wheezy as the week went on. Her breathing got worse on Friday, it was just awful.

“I rang the doctors and they sent an ambulance and by Friday teatime she was suffering with a chest infection. They then started treating her for pneumonia.

“I had started travelling up to Doncaster when I got a phone call from the hospital to say she was getting really bad and distressed and I should get there as soon as I could.

“I was really hoping to get there before she died and thankfully she was still alive, but not responsive at all when I arrived.

“Sadly she died shortly afterwards.”

She added: “I think personally the fact the window had been broken and she was left cold, and in fear after what had happened, are responsible for my mum’s death.”

Mrs Green was not sitting in her usual position next to the window when the heavy block came crashing through the glass of her St Leger Homes property on December 28.

However, the incident left her with a broken glass pane and in freezing cold conditions between 9pm that night and 8.30am when her carers arrived the following morning.

Susan Jordan, chief executive of St Leger Homes, said: “We are sorry to hear of this sad event.

“In situations like this, we do provide emergency repair services so if in doubt we advise tenants to contact us at the first opportunity. We urge any of our customers who have concerns about crime or anti-social behaviour in their area to contact their area housing office for support.

“We work closely with South Yorkshire Police, Doncaster Council and other partners to address these issues. In an emergency people should also always ring the police.”

Police confirmed officers were investigating the attack on Mrs Green’s home.

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