Doncaster student’s parrot picture sold in memory of grandmother

A student from Communication Specialist College, Doncaster has sold his first photograph following an exhibition in Wolverhampton.

Ryan Smith, aged 21, who has recently completed an A Level in Photography, joined other students from the college to exhibit their photographs at The Lighthouse Gallery as part of Deaffest, the UK’s leading Deaf film and arts festival.

At the event the organiser was approached by a visitor wanted to buy Ryan’s parrot photograph.

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Ryan said: “The organiser of the event got in touch with my tutor who said they had a buyer for one of my photographs. I was obviously over the moon.


“What made it even nicer was when the buyer got it touch to explain why they had bought the picture. They sent a card which said that their grandmother who was Deaf, died two years ago and that they had always teased her, saying she looked like a parrot with a big nose. It went on to say that they always gave her presents that were parrot-associated.”

The last line of the card said ‘I miss her greatly and have pictures of parrots in the house out of love for her, when I saw Ryan’s picture it meant a lot to me in that it had been created by a Deaf artist!’.

“It was a lovely story and I am glad that the picture has been bought by someone who it means so much to. It has really inspired me to keep going with my photography and hopefully I will be able to sell more pictures as I continue my studies,” added Ryan.

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Ryan, from Newark, will return to the college in September to study Media but hopes to continue with his photography too.

The Communication Specialist College Doncaster is part of Doncaster Deaf Trust which comprises nursery, school and college and has been providing specialist education for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have communication difficulties for over 185 years.

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