Donington on Bain Parish Council

At the recent meeting, parishioners voiced concerns over dogs being allowed to roam on the football pitch and owners not clearing up the mess, which has to be removed by others before it can be used for games of football.
Village News EMN-160915-081614001Village News EMN-160915-081614001
Village News EMN-160915-081614001

An allotment tenant had also contacted the council to complain of dogs being taken on the allotments.

The East Lindsey dog warden has been contacted and more warning notices for display have been provided. Once again the dog warden indicated they cannot prosecute without those who have observed the owners and their animals being prepared to name them.

An appeal is being made for volunteers to undertake inspections of the recreation facilities on a weekly basis for the council.

Part of the kissing gate into the recreation area has been removed as the post had rotted, with quotes for its replacement being sought.

The pest officer has been engaged to bring the mole population in the cemetery under control, as they are upturning vases on graves.

There had been no response to the invitation to quote for the trimming of the cemetery hedges and clearing the overgrown vegetation from the dyke in the recreation area.

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