Donington on Bain Parish Council set budget precept for 2016/17

Setting the precept for the coming financial year was the main item on the agenda at the recent meeting of Donington on Bain Parish Council.

A budget of £4,624 was agreed, which should slightly reduce the amount for council tax payers.

Work planned includes improvements to the access to the allotments, cleaning and re-painting of the MUGA surface and repairs to the churchyard wall, with a survey on the trees due, and it was agreed that any surplus would need to be transferred to the earmarked repair fund.

Applications had been made for Government Funding for a laptop computer and printer/scanner to enable the council to comply with the Transparency Code. An application will be made to the British Heart Foundation for Government Funds for a free defibrillator and the village hall committee has been asked if it could be sited on the outside wall of the hall so there was 24 hours a day access, with the cost of the annual power supply to be negotiated.

A resident had requested the allotment field hedge be cut back to match that of the adjoining field, but it was pointed out the land next to it was still rented by the football club until the end of the season and it had been allowed to grow to help prevent balls being kicked onto the road.

Coun Jackie Scutt was presented with her certificate having attended a training day course with ROSPA and she had drafted a plan to include improvements to the current volunteers’ weekly inspection sheet, which provided for a more detailed inspection.

It was agreed to advertise for a handyman/person to do this on the council’s behalf and help comply with insurance conditions. Moles were a continuing problem; Coun Beaney removes the mole hills regularly and council agreed if they were removed each week this would be a reasonable way forward.

With East Lindsey District Council announcing footway lights will be switched off unless parish and town councils take over responsibility for power and maintenance, the clerk was instructed to express an interest to give time for negotiations.

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